what drives us

We believe in great stories. We believe in diversity and Inclusion. We believe in equal rights. Our goal is to connect the serial industry across Europe. We bring talents and companies together in a simple and efficient way. Both should benefit from this connection.


what we offer

Talents can showcase their skills, interests and specialties on the platform. Producers, showrunners and streamers can search our
database with our innovative recruiting tool and get suggested writers who fit their project and are available. The search mask contains series-
specific characteristics such as genre, format, skills as well as diversity characteristics.


what values we have

serial/connect attaches great importance to gender balance, diversity and inclusion in order to promote equal opportunities. The online
platform offers socially marginalized writers, writers with migration experience, writers with disabilities, writers with diverse sexual
orientation the possibility to describe themselves with all their individual strengths and abilities in order to be searched and found for their
individuality. With these filtering options, serial/connect aims to encourage more inclusive practices in content creation and recruitment.

How we see the future 

According to the human genome project, our DNA is 99.9% the same, and less than 1% of DNA accounts for the differences among people.
In our vision of a better world, we should celebrate and appreciate the differences of one another while keeping in mind we are all part of the
same human family. Everyone talks about unconscious bias – we talk about creating value through inclusion.


Respect is our core value

serial connect will not tolerate behaviors that promote racism, sexism,
homophobia, transphobia, or other forms of bigotry. Anyone engaging in
such behavior will be immediately and permanently banned. Whenever
you encounter discrimination, we encourage you to report it.